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May 31, 2023

The 15th China International 

Exhibition for Additive 

Manufacturing Application 


Grand Opening -

After two years of eager 

anticipation, the exhibition makes a

blockbuster back! The first exhibition day 

is bustling.The enthusiastic flow of 

people ignites the city

     Today, “The 15th China International Exhibition for Additive Manufacturing Application Technology organized by Uniris Exhibition Shanghai Co. Ltd. has grandly opened at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center, with excellent exhibitors showcasing comprehensive products and solutions, and industry leaders gathering to share advanced technologies and explore future development. Based on new knowledge, we are in a pursuit of excellence and jointly writing a brand new chapter of industry development.

     The number of visitors hits 24,017 on the first day.40,000 sq.m. of exhibition area.Gathering 761 global outstanding enterprises.Covering comprehensive products, services and overall solutions including raw materials, machinery and equipment, components and products, as well as materials and equipment for 3D printing, etc.Converging wisdom, sharing achievements, inspiring innovation.Outlook of global manufacturing technology trend.

Flashy Debut!

 Industry Leading Enterprises 

Gather!The annual event will be a great success with the most 

advanced technologies!

      Gathering elites from industry-leading enterprises, showcasing advanced technologies! Dazzling modern technologies, exciting new product releases, and striking on-site displays together pushed the first day of the exhibition to a climax.

Due to limited space, more excellent 

exhibitors will be released successively


Convergence of professional 

visitors, High-end communication platform for expanding 

business network!

Numerous buyers and visitors, massive order 

transactions! A terrific platform for expanding 

business network! Based on today and look to the future! Embrace greater business opportunities.


Sparkling forward thinking!

Multiple professional conferences discussing industry trends!

More to come tomorrow

June 1 (Thursday) 09:00~17:30

       Renowned guests and professional scholars discuss industry trends together to explore the future development path. Forward-thinking is gushing forth, and subversive innovation is within reach. Multiple professional conferences allowed people to master the latest progress of the industry, gain an in-depth understanding of the current state of the industry and foresee the future development!

The 11th Shanghai Injection Molding Forum

2023 Additive Manufactures Users 


2023 Shanghai Powder Metallurgy Processing and Handling Industry Forum

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【Photos and Live Streaming

May 31 - June 2

↓↓Real-time recording of exciting moments↓↓