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The 2024 China International 

Exhibition for Additive Manufacturing Application 


March 6-8, 2024

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center

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Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association

Uniris Exhibition Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Changing life and subverting production. To explore the trillion-level 

additive market

Additive manufacturing technology is an vital part of modern high-tech fields. The "Outlook 2025" report released by McKinsey & Company includes additive manufacturing technology as one of the twelve disruptive technologies that determine the future economy. At present, the application value of additive manufacturing technology in emerging industries is increasingly evident, and it is an indispensable and important component of intelligent manufacturing. It provides a huge opportunity for the development of modern manufacturing and the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing.

AM CHINA is oriented towards “application demand” and brings together excellent enterprises in the global additive manufacturing industry, providing customized solutions and professional services for industry users such as aerospace, automotive industry, shipbuilding, rail transportation, electronic and electrical appliances, mould manufacturing, medical and health care, cultural and creative industries, education and scientific research, as well as construction and decoration, etc.

Driven by innovation , empowered 

by technology. Focus on compreh

ensive solutions and customized 


Global exhibitors of AM CHINA will provide users from different industries with comprehensive solutions of additive manufacturing, professional services and high-quality products, including raw materials, software systems, technology & equipment, and relevant services, etc.

Raw Materials:

Metal Materials, Inorganic Non-Metallic Materials, Composite Materials, Bio-Materials, etc. 

Technical equipment

Selective Laser Melting(SLM), Electron Beam Melting(EBM), Laser Metal Deposition(LMD), Fused Deposition Modeling(FDM), Binder Jetting(BJ), Nano Particle Jetting(NPJ), Multi-Jet Fusion(MJF), Material Jetting(MJ), Selective Laser Sintering(SLS), Stereo Lithography Appearance(SLA), Digital Light Processing(DLP), 3D Printing(3DP), etc.


 Lasers, Galvanometer, 3D Scanner, Software, Product Design And Development Services, Printing Services, Technical Services, Cloud Service Platforms, Education and Training, Quality Management, etc.

Five concurrent exhibitions Connecting related industries, creating 

more opportunities

AM CHINA 2024 will be held concurrently and co-located with The 16th China International Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy and Cemented Carbides (PM CHINA), The 16th China International Exhibition for Advanced Ceramics (IACE CHINA), 2024 Shanghai Internaitonal Exhibition for Magnetic Materials and Application Indusrty Chain (MMIC CHINA), and 2024 Shanghai International Exhibition for Powder Processing and Handling (POWDEX CHINA).

The five exhibitions can link up relevant industry chains, connect more upstream and downstream companies, attract a wider range of visitors, and form a “one-stop” business exchange platform that not only gathers more domestic and foreign exhibitiors, but also meets the diversified demands of visitors and buyers.

The expected scale of the five exhibitions:


exhibition area


 global exhibitors


 exhibiting brands




 academic reports


 professional media

Previous well-known exhibitors:

巴斯夫、佳能、博世、3D Ceram、Lithoz、Nanoe、铂力特、赫格纳斯、中航迈特、中国钢研、康硕、威拉里、盘星、中体、骅骝、共享智能装备、金物、赛隆、中天上材、众远、升华三维、德亿纬、山地、乾度、点云、华工激光、能微、远洋、天际智慧、马尔文帕纳科、吉唯信、迪富爱科、巨子、细川密克朗、光垒、荣科旭阳、亚洲新材料、豪德、饶稷、融跃、上海数造、博瑞科三维、旭阳、中瑞智创三维、营口航盛、容智三维、纳博热、佳珩三维、魅湃等。

Concurrent forums. Exchange of ideas and collision of wisdom

The 6th SAMA Additive Manufacturing Conference

Started in 2016, the SAMA Additive Manufacturing Conference brings together top scientists, entrepreneurs, government officials, experts and scholars, international organizations, investment institutions, entrepreneurial teams, end users, etc. and builds a comprehensive and authoritative cooperation and exchange platform, becoming one of the most influential industry events in the field of additive manufacturing.


During the 6th SAMA Additive Manufacturing Conference, industry leaders, professionals and experts, as well as corporate executives will be invited to share frontier views from various viewpoints of raw materials, core hardware & software, key processes and innovative application, etc., deconstructing advanced technologies in multiple dimensions and analyzing the market prospects in multiple aspects, also interpreting and presenting the typical cases and development trends of the application of additive manufacturing technology from the perspective of industry users. 

Concurrent conferences and forums: 

◆ 2024 The 15th Shanghai Powder Metallurgy Forum

◆ 2024 The 12th Shanghai Injection Molding Forum

◆ 2024 The 5th Shanghai International Summit on Advanced Ceramic Technology and Industry Development

◆ 2024 Electronic Ceramics and Components Industry Development Forum

◆ 2024 Magnetic Materials Development and Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality Forum

◆ 2024 new product launchesThe 6th SAMA Additive Manufacturing Conference

◆ 2024 Shanghai Powder Processing and Handling Industry Forum

◆ 2024 Hard Surface Technology Forum

◆ 2024 new product launches

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