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The second exhibition day is 

still heated, come or 

save the pity until 

next year!

“The 15th China International Exhibition for

Additive Manufacturing Application 

Technology receivedtotal of 24,017 global visitors on its first day yesterday.

On June 1, the second 

day of the exhibition, a total of 

22,620 visitors with high interest were 

received, bringing a continuously rising atmosphere on-site. Tomorrow is the last 

exhibition day, seize the opportunity 

to participate or save the pity 

until next year!

Exhibitor Part 

     This year's exhibition was well received by exhibitors, who praised the large number of high-quality buyers on site and the warm and orderly atmosphere! It really achieved precise matchmaking and efficient communication!

Due to limited space, more excellent exhibitors will be released successively

Visitor Part

      Visitors also expressed that the show was very rewarding ! They said they met many potential partners, gained more business opportunities, learned the latest industry information, and expanded their business at the show, which is a wonderful communication platform not to be missed !

Conference Part:

      The 8 forums and more than 20 technical exchanges with a galaxy of talents and the battle of wisdom on-site are also the highlights of the exhibition, which gather the guests together with shared wisdom to share frontier views and to discuss with participant delegates and industry colleagues at multi-dimension and deep levels. 

2023 Additive Manufacturing Users Conference

2023 The 15th Shanghai Powder Metallurgy Industry Forum

2023 The 11th Shanghai Injection Molding Forum

2023 The 4th Shanghai International Summit on Advanced Ceramic Technology and Industry Development

2023 The 4th Shanghai International Summit on Advanced Ceramic Technology and Industry Development

2023 Magnetic Materials Development and Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality Forum

2023 Hard Surface Technology Forum

2023 Shanghai Powder Processing and Handling Industry Forum

The Third Session of the First Injection Molding Professional Committee Conference

More to come tomorrow!

June 2 (Friday) 09:00~13:00


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Photos and Live Streaming

May 31 - June 2 

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